Our Story

Custom Luxury was founded in 2019.
We are based in Greece and the production of all our
products takes place in our studio in Athens.
The brand was established to provide customers with a new experience when it cames to handmade crochet handbags. Custom Luxury offers a modern take on the traditional style of handmade crochet handbag and provides customers with an array of choices when it comes to shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

With hard work and through meticulous efforts to adjust our operations according to our customers feedback, we have become one of the most popular brands for personalized crochet handbags on the internet.

All our bags and purses are being hand-finished in-house.

As a result of our passion for the craft as well as our creative team’s efforts, we have been able to keep producing handmade handbags in bigger volume than ever before.

Our Company

About Custom Luxury

Love and Attention for every Handbag

Custom Luxury Handmade Bags and Handbags are made with love And attention to detail in order to accommodate your needs and wants. Our designs are created to fit with harmony In any style and collection.  

Our Mission

Our mission here at Custom Luxury is to set a higher standard when it comes to handmade Crochet Handbags. We want the every woman to have a great experience when shopping with us, and even more when she is carrying a Custom Luxury Handbag. The end goal is for other brands to follow our example so that the industry is collectively considered a reliable one. By putting the customer first, and catering to their needs and desires, we believe it is possible to create a business that is truly successful.
Our aim is to always provide the best possible customer service, products of undeniable quality with impeccable materials, and build a great relationship with everyone who shops with us. We value the feedback of our customers because the only way we can improve is by listening to the people who choose to spend their hard-earned money on our products. What is most important to us is that we can help tens of thousands of people create their dream custom unique made handbag. A piece that will stay with them forever and can accompany them to the most important events and instances in their lives. We are here to make a difference in an industry that has remained untouched for years.

In Custom Luxury we are

As a company, we want our promises to hold truth, and our word to be reliable. We are committed to staying true to our values and ethics, and to keep improving to accommodate everyone’s expectations. Even as we grow and expand our goals remain the same.
We believe that this is what makes Custom Luxury unique and reliable, so we will keep on doing what we do because the appreciation of the customer is of upmost importance to us.  From the quality of the materials we use to the way we treat our employees like part of the family, we promise to never forget what makes us… us.

We are always happy to help

Our company is based in Athens, Greece, but we pride ourselves in the experience that we offer all our customers from all over the world!

Fast shipping is just one example, but the experience is the same, whether you are in Greece or India, or the United States.


We try to keep our customers happy when shopping with us by being very particular about the user experience of our website, the process of ordering a handbag, how fast we reply to messages and comments, etc. There are many bits and pieces that are part of the online shopping process, and we take care of every single one of them individually.
We are also committed to offering friendly and helpful customer service, since our business was built from the ground up and we managed to grow mainly through our customer recommendations. We really value each and every one of you, because you make our business a business! So, if you’ve got a question, just ask.

We’re always happy to help!

In Custom Luxury We are

We like to keep things real.

We are always open with our customers about who we are and we do. Frankly, there is just no time for anything other than transparency when you are as busy as we are! And we ow this to you, our customers, so there is no question in our minds when it comes to being transparent. We also like to be very mindful of how we operate, carefully considering everything from the customer’s experience and how they feel when shopping with us, to our goal of running a completely ethical brand.

Here in Custom Luxury we believe that all brands share three responsibilities:

  • They should provide an honest and satisfactory service for all customers
  • They should show appreciation for their employees and
  • They should use their power to care for the environment and strengthen local communities.

This is how we choose to operate, and we will keep on doing so.